Episode 27: Destiny, Destiny, No Escaping that for Me!

New schedule? We pushed back a week and will continue our regularly schedule bi-weekly episodes! And this week we talk about an addiction Jay-Rey had for 2 years.... Destiny. With the sequel just months away, D2GA gets into their experience with the Beta for Destiny 2. 

Episode 21: A Mixed Bag of Video Game Chat

In a bit of a slower week, we talk video games that have been dominating our living room. Overwatch has a new event that is about to end, and while that may be taking up a few minutes of our day here or there, a much more time consuming monster sits just inches away: Legend of Zelda- Breath of the Wild. Jay-Rey isn't allowed to play it, so he is taking his first crack at Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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Episode 18: PAX 2017 (The Return)


We are back! After months of being busy with our nerdy, geeky things, the folks at D2GA return to fill you in on all the amazing goodness of PAX 2017. We played video games. We actually played a lot of video games, and we tell you our thoughts in this convention-talk-filled return to the mic.


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