Start slow, Stay Focused

The hardest part about working out, is actually taking the time to work out, so here are a few tips help you easy your way into it.

  1. Start Slow, Start Easy
    1. Problem: a lot of people, me included, have got that big burst of energy to workout, we feel like we can change everything all at once and 9-10 days later we are burnt AF and we stop working out all together. 
    2. Solution: take the first 2-4 weeks as your intro to working out, even if you've spent a lot of time in th gym before. lift low weights, lower than you can easily lift, just to get into the routine of doing these exercises. Also only workout twice a week for the first 2 weeks, and then 3 times a week, and slowly build into your desired number. This will slowly help you remake your schedule over time
  2. Be happy with failing
    1. Problem: We make goals, some unrealistic and some that are actually do able, and then we start missing deadlines. Maybe we aren't losing weight as quickly as we think it should, or our bench press isn't going up fast enough, whatever it might be
    2. Solution: The journey is almost as important as the destination, for example, your goal was to work out 5 times in a week, but you only made it 4 times. You failed, oh well, but if you look back to before you started this process, 4 is a lot more than the 0 you were doing. This same thought process goes along with food as well, don't cut things out right away, slowly move them out of your life
  3. Remember there is no end
    1. Working out never ends, you might hit your goals and the work outs you do might change to reflect that, but if you are committed to this, it is something that will be in your life on some level forever. Allow yourself to embrace this idea and slowly work through until you can look at the mirror and be happy