New Record!

This week is a big week for records.  I've hit a new low in my weight loss, and today will mark 5 weeks without missing a workout.  I've not been this consistent since high school when I was on my swim team.  This consistency is obviously paying off (dammit), the weight continues to come off and my endurance is improving.  I've been slacking with my at home PT for my shoulder, I'm just so tired after I finish our workouts that all I can muster is getting myself back upstairs for a shower; but these are just excuses.  I'll have to start doing better.

As far as the weight loss goes I'm down 16lbs!!  This is the most successful I've ever been in a healthy weight loss attempt and I'm pretty excited.  This week has been much easier as far as sticking to the diet, and I'm not feeling as worn down as I was last week so all in all I'm calling it a win.

I really hope that I'm able to keep this trend going.  Getting to a 10% weight loss will be a huge accomplishment for me.  I've been walking at lunches and trying to improve my mile pace.  I give myself 30 min and try to get as far as I can.  My pace has improved quite a bit since I started 23"11' down to 18"10' in a little less than a month.  I'm going to need to start bringing a change of clothes to walk in so I don't get too stinky for the rest of the day and maybe just get a gym membership here at work so I can walk while its raining as it's wont to do so often here.

Well, that's all I have for now. I hope that everyone who's following along with their own attempt is doing just as well as I am.