Still Stuck

Here I am, still stuck on this plateau.  It's getting boring, but at least the number isn't going up I suppose.  My diet is so boring that I find myself not wanting to eat even though I'm hungry.  I end up having staring contests with my food bars for hours before they end up winning.  I feel better after I eat, I perk back up for a little while which is good because I'm usually so low on energy that the thought of chewing makes me want to lay down.  Well, that's where I am.

Jacob took my title.

Jacob and I seem to both be stuck in a plateau.  I know that they happen but I didn't think I'd hit one so soon!! I've been stuck bouncing around the same 2-3 lb window for about a month and it's so effing frustrating!! I stick to the diet and I work out and that damn number continues to mock me.   I'm trying to research ways to break it so if any of you internet people have any tips please let me know.  I'm pretty desperate.  I'm trying to stay focused on how much progress I've made so far and not the lack of progress I'm making right now. It's hard to not get discouraged.  Jacob has been wonderful though, always reminding me of the good that this work is doing even if it isn't showing in the scale.

In other news, I pulled a muscle in my calf again last night.  I stretched and took it slow and everything, but still it pulled.  This weekend will be filled with heat therapy, muscle rollers and rest.  At least it pulled on Thursday and not Monday I suppose.