Your Best Workout Yet!

I've already written about how it's ok to be tired, but here's a more positive thought. You never know when you'll have the best workout of your life. We all have had those moments, big and small that have stuck with us for years upon years. Some of us can remember specific workouts or the way you felt on certain days and they are wonderful memories. 

The great thing about giving your all every time you workout is that TODAY could be the best workout of your life. TODAY could be the best you've ever felt after a workout. TODAY is ours and TODAY we will thrive.

Stay Strong, Stay Focused


The Superhero Fallacy and Optimal Conditions

We have all seen Chris Pratt, Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth in a Marvel movies and have lusted, been jealous or both when we seem their superhuman physique. As someone who works out, and has worked out fairly consistently for most of my adult life, I have never been able to look anywhere near that and at times, it has discouraged me greatly.

Yes, ladies, we dudes do feel insecure when you start drooling over dudes, just like you do, when we do it to the ladies. 

The thing I want to get across to everyone out there, is yes you could look like those guys, if you had the conditions they have, but that is the thing, we don't. Most if not all of those actors are well off, they can afford nutritionists and personal chefs to make optimal diets, not just for working out, but the stage of the workout they are in. Just take a look at what Chris Pratt had and did.

In addition to being able to have perfect nutrition, they have the time and are paid to be in this kind of shape. Most of us, might have an extra hour per day to work out, instead of 3 or 4 per day. We also don't have former navy seals designing our workouts.  

This post is not to discourage, but to uplift. Do the best you can and be the best you, while knowing that if you had the optimal conditions you could be Thor, Cap or Star Lord


#GastonChallenge 1 Recap

Yesterday I posted the first #GastonChallenge video of me doing push-ups, for those not familiar with the youtube i'm talking about, I have linked it below.

My initial pace is 13 push-ups in 9 seconds, which is 1 second off Gaston's pace, which is pretty good I think, and my total count is 31 push-ups in 30 seconds which is a solid pace and a solid number. My overall goal is to get to 75 in 60 seconds. I know that is a very torrid pace, but here's hoping