plateau... still.

This weekend was my birthday, or as I called it this year: Carb-Fest.  I set out with the express intention to eat nothing but delicious starchy goodness for 3 days straight.  It was a great plan!  Started out strong, with donuts on Friday morning but after I'd eaten like... a dozen blueberry munchkins (scientifically the best donut) I lost interest.  After being off simple carbs for 6mos I just don't have a taste for them like I used to. By lunch on Friday all I wanted was protein.  Goes to show you that sugar really is an addiction.  Once you break the addiction it becomes clear just how unnecessary simple carbs are.  I did enjoy my donuts, and the amazing lemon bars that my wonderful co-worker made for me; but I was able to enjoy them from a place of actual appreciation as opposed to satisfying a craving.

Weight-wise I'm still stuck on this plateau.  Its frustrating but I guess I'm glad that the number isn't going up.  I continue to eat my "food" bars and take my lunch time walks in addition to working out in the evenings.  Since we've added the wrist weights to our routine I can really see my shoulders becoming more muscular, so that's cool.