New Record!

This week is a big week for records.  I've hit a new low in my weight loss, and today will mark 5 weeks without missing a workout.  I've not been this consistent since high school when I was on my swim team.  This consistency is obviously paying off (dammit), the weight continues to come off and my endurance is improving.  I've been slacking with my at home PT for my shoulder, I'm just so tired after I finish our workouts that all I can muster is getting myself back upstairs for a shower; but these are just excuses.  I'll have to start doing better.

As far as the weight loss goes I'm down 16lbs!!  This is the most successful I've ever been in a healthy weight loss attempt and I'm pretty excited.  This week has been much easier as far as sticking to the diet, and I'm not feeling as worn down as I was last week so all in all I'm calling it a win.

I really hope that I'm able to keep this trend going.  Getting to a 10% weight loss will be a huge accomplishment for me.  I've been walking at lunches and trying to improve my mile pace.  I give myself 30 min and try to get as far as I can.  My pace has improved quite a bit since I started 23"11' down to 18"10' in a little less than a month.  I'm going to need to start bringing a change of clothes to walk in so I don't get too stinky for the rest of the day and maybe just get a gym membership here at work so I can walk while its raining as it's wont to do so often here.

Well, that's all I have for now. I hope that everyone who's following along with their own attempt is doing just as well as I am.

That Damn Number

I felt great all day yesterday, carried a high energy level all through my work day, my abs felt awesome. Then I got on the scale and it was higher than I thought it should be and in took the wind out of my sales. After looking at it more closelier, I realize that my muscle mass has been increasing, which is positive but it's so hard to get past that damn number going up, instead of down. 

At the end of the day, you liking the way you look and feeling good is a lot more important than some number on a scale. 

Stay Strong, Stay Focused


Your Best Workout Yet!

I've already written about how it's ok to be tired, but here's a more positive thought. You never know when you'll have the best workout of your life. We all have had those moments, big and small that have stuck with us for years upon years. Some of us can remember specific workouts or the way you felt on certain days and they are wonderful memories. 

The great thing about giving your all every time you workout is that TODAY could be the best workout of your life. TODAY could be the best you've ever felt after a workout. TODAY is ours and TODAY we will thrive.

Stay Strong, Stay Focused


Body Language

Last night was my most pathetic work out to date.  It took every last ounce of strength I had to not quit in the middle of it and lay down on the floor of our basement.  Jacob can attest to how sad my performance was.  Nonetheless I finished the workout.  Later that evening I spent some serious time in the bathroom; it wasn't fun at all.  Looking back my upset tummy may have been why my workout was so terrible.  Perhaps my fatigue and weakness was my body trying to tell me that something was wrong.  Its so hard to draw the line between "I don't feel super awesome but I can push through this workout," versus "My body is trying to tell me something is awry and I need to listen to it."  So often (read: all the time) I'm exhausted.  If I skipped a workout every time I was tired, I'd literally never work out.  That's a whole 'nother issue though that I'm currently exploring.

On another subject I'd like to plug a product that i really really enjoy.  You may not know this, but I'm an ice cream addict.  I LOVE it and I will go out of my way to obtain it.  To that end it's the single treat I've missed the most since being on my diet.  Up until now I've used ice cream as a cheat meal that I would have on very rare occasions.  Then I found Halo Top.  This stuff is seriously good.  Its low on calories and carbs, but somehow (probably because of magic) tastes like real ice cream.  The only real difference between Halo Top and traditional ice cream is that its texture is lighter and fluffier than the traditional stuff, which can be so dense that it will bend your spoon.  My only complaint is regards to Halo Top is that pacing yourself when you're eating it is basically impossible.  How am I expected to stop at a single serving when I can eat the whole pint and it only has the same amount of calories as traditional ice cream.

DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed here are my own, and I'm not being compensated in anyway for writing this review.

82 Days left to Comic Con

I figure it's about time I actually talk about Comic Con and one reason it is so special to me. During my first trip to Comic Con, Kirby Krackle performed on an outdoor stage and played the song "One More Episode." It was during this song, with my arms around my girlfriend I knew I would be with her forever, and 5 years later we are married and happy.

Please enjoy the video of that performance

Stay Strong, Stay Focused


Beard Shampoo Review

Disclaimer: These opinions are mine and are not paid for. Also the amazon link is NOT an affiliate link, there is no financial benefit to me writing this review. 

Part of being fit is looking good, right? So lets talk about beard products. As you can see, I've got quite the beard and I have spent many a year looking for the right combination of beard products. 

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash
When I ordered this product I did not know that it had been named the 2014 Esquire "Best Beard Wash" but I quickly discovered why it had been. Being aloe based, and sulfate free, one would expect that it would not lather overly well, but this shampoo does. The aloe also helps keep things smooth and reduce the dreaded bed face. The scent is very mild, which is something I really like because it does not interfere with the scent of my beard balm or oil. 

The only drawback is that the shampoo is very thin, and that makes it hard to figure out how much you actually have in your hand. 

This is a 5/5 shampoo, can not recommend it enough.

Stay Strong, Stay Positive


Positive Thoughts (86 Days to #SDCC2017) #100DaysToSDCC

My therapist (yes I go to therapy, and have no shame about it) told me recently that there have been studies about people with depression that by just simply saying out loud "Today is going to be a good day" will have a marked improvement on the person's mood throughout the day. I have decided to take this approach with my workouts as well, at the start of my workout, I verbalize out loud "This is going to be a good workout." and it seems to be having a positive effect on me and my ability to push through workouts. I know that it's just in my head, but the head space is what matters here, right?

Stay Strong, Stay Positive


My Cardio Abs Aftermath

My Cardio Abs Aftermath


Since being on this diet I've had to change my entire attitude towards food.  This isn't a bad thing, my relationship with food was really unhealthy... I basically used it as a drug.  I'd eat when I was sad, I'd eat when I was happy, I'd eat when I was bored.  Basically the only time I wasn't eating was when I was asleep.  Looking back it's no mystery how I ballooned up to the size I am now.  I have a much healthier attitude towards food now.  However as just about anyone will tell you, keeping track of your food is key to dieting.  This way you can't lie to yourself about how much or what you've eaten.  Luckily we live in a time when we all carry around the internet in our pockets so it's easier than ever to keep track of what you eat and what the nutritional value is.  Despite all this I HATE logging my food.  Since I've adopted this healthier attitude towards my food eating has gone from a weird human function to actively stressful.  

It's not so bad when my food has a barcode, but when you cook or go out to eat it becomes this weird guessing game/science experiment/puzzle.  If you're eating at home you can weigh your portions and get a good idea of how much exactly you're eating, or use a measuring cup.  However if you're eating out it's a whole 'nother game.  How much are you getting?  How much is considered a portion?  Is 1 chicken wing a serving, or is a serving the whole thing?  Generally I get so frustrated with it that I just guess and hope for the best, I generally try to over estimate so I know I'm covered.  But this whole food logging thing just adds another layer of complication to what should just be a meal.

Anyways, the workout last night was cardio abs.  The hardest one we do.  I didn't puke after I finished but it was really close.  After we were finished Jacob had the audacity to say that "he's not sure that workout is hard enough"....  I just know he's going to ratchet up the difficulty on it soon.  Which is good because, ya know, exercise and weight loss.  I'm just not sure I'll be able to survive.

Here's my weight chart:

The weight continues to come off, slowly... Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a patient person.  I'm so tempted to go to extreme measures to try to lose more quickly, but I know doing that isn't maintainable in the long run and unhealthy in the extreme.

Stay motivated people, and kevetch when you need to.  It helps.

Start of Week 3 (86 days to #SDCC2017) #100DaysToSDCC

Now is about the time that most will give up on their goals, almost close enough to form a new habit, but not quite there yet. I won't front at all, or a lot (#pun), I am really tired. I woke up this morning and was way more tired than I should have been, and the workout tonight was brutal. 

I gave it all I could, but my tank ran empty a lot sooner than I expected.

Stay Strong, Stay Focused